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Sagefuels® Manufacturing Process Flow

Waste Acceptance Criteria

We have an in-house laboratory which controls the incoming quality of scheduled waste via the Waste Acceptance Criteria. Scheduled waste which fails to meet the requirements under the Waste Acceptance Criteria will not be processed in our facility. This is how we implement stringent controls towards the inbound of scheduled waste to ensure that the quality of our product, Sagefuels® is not compromised.

Thermal BioFusion™ 

All the 14 scheduled waste codes that we are licensed to collect undergo the same treatment process i.e. Thermal BioFusion™. Thermal BioFusion™ consist of a series of processes which are proprietary to us and collectively they enable energy recovery from the sub-optimized components of scheduled waste. This is the process whereby scheduled waste is converted into a solid fuel or as we call it, Industrial Waste Recovered Fuel, branded and trademarked as Sagefuels®.


Industrial Waste Recovered Fuel – Sagefuels®

Industrial Waste Recovered Fuel, in short IWRF, comprised mainly of scheduled waste that we collect from our customers in combination with biomass and binders to hold the components together. The IWRF yielded from our manufacturing process is in a form of a briquette and its properties are comparable to that of coal. Our IWRF contains 4000 kcal/kg of energy and a moisture content of less than 15% which makes it a suitable substitute for coal in cement plants, power plants, boilers, etc.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Our product undergoes a pre-delivery inspection prior to distribution to customers to ensure we deliver the best level of quality and compliance for our product. If our product does not meet the established standards, it will be redirected back to the treatment process.