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About Us


Sage Promaster Sdn Bhd was established by a team of seasoned engineers and scientists that aspired to change the waste management landscape in Malaysia. When waste was commonly incinerated or landfilled, our engineers saw an optimisation potential with scheduled waste.  That moment became the onset of a remarkable journey towards developing a proprietary energy recovery technology, known as Thermal BioFusion™. The precedent research and development that went into inventing and building what is now the treatment and recovery facility in Melaka, began years before Sage Promaster began commercial operations. The founders of the company had partnered with the School of Chemical Engineering, the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, to develop a technology to recover latent heat from selected scheduled waste, in combination with indigenous biomass and other organic additives to manufacture an Industrial Waste Recovered Fuel (IWRF) trademarked as Sagefuels®.

The attributes and the inherent composition of the IWRF are comparable to industrial grade coal, which makes it suitable to be used as a coal replacement (source of energy) at cement manufacturing plants, coal fired power plants, foundries etc.

Operating since late 2013, the company today, boasts a customer base in the hundreds from a diverse range of industries all across the country including East Malaysia.  



To INSPIRE every stakeholder of the company to believe and support all activities that are right for Mother Earth


To make industrial activities SUSTAINABLE


Integrity, with the way we conduct ourselves with all stakeholders

Competency, in all aspects of the business

Accountability, we perform without excuses

Respect, for the environment and all living things in it

Efficiency, to optimize all that is sub-optimized

or simply …… I CARE


Sage Promaster caters to a wide range of clientele from Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Multinational Corporations (MNCs). We cover a myriad of industries across Malaysia which include the Automotive, Oil & Gas, Paint & Pigment, Oleochemical, Polymer & Plastic, Lumber & Wood, Paper & Packaging industries and many more. We work closely with customers to ensure services promised are delivered in a timely, efficient and safe manner. We build long – lasting relationship with our clients for long term mutually beneficial partnership. Due to our superior customer relationship, our customer attrition rates are minimal and the customer base keeps growing.