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We are proud to be associated with a Malaysian company with a World-Class Attitude.

Sage Promaster Sdn Bhd (941043-P) a wholly owned Malaysian company, is a Department of Environment (DOE), Malaysia and the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) licensed company - operating a highly automated and integrated, first of its kind industrial (scheduled) waste recovery and recycling facility utilising a patented and revolutionary technology in the country.

The extensive research and development undertaken jointly with the School of Chemical Engineering, University of Malaya culminated in a breakthrough patent to recover the identified scheduled waste in the country in the most environmentally and economically viable manner.

Today, Sage Promaster boasts to have as its customer; various industries from the locally incorporated small and medium industries to the large multi - national corporations. And some of the comments received from our customer feedback for using Sage Promaster for all their scheduled waste are as quoted in the side bar.